Tabula 01

I had been playing around on my iPad with Wotja, the generative music software that’s the successor to Noatikl, which I used to compose some of my earlier music. I thought it would be interesting to see if I could compose an album using nothing but iPad apps.

As I experimented I discovered some really rich sonic tools and so decided to go all in. This collection, Tabula 01, is the result of those experiments, and the first of what I hope to be a series of albums performed entirely on my trusty little tablet.

The music is entirely generative (like much of my past work), with the Wotja engine composing and sending midi to the various synths and effects.

My intention is for the music to provide subtle and soothing sounds for reading, sleeping, meditating, or simply being.

I hope that this music helps you to connect to a deep and genuine part of yourself.

If you enjoy the music, please share it or send me an email to let me know what you think.

Released August 25, 2020

All music composed, programmed, performed, and mixed on iPad, Summer 2020.

Apps: Aum, Cubasis, Digital D1, Frobulator, LayR, ShimmerFX, Stereo Lag, PhaseDelayArray, Stratosphere, Waldorf Nave, Wotja Pro